This is a program for speeding up your daily work and taking some of the tedium out of everyday tasks in Revit

PowerKey4Revit video

Features of PowerKey4Revit.

This is an external program to Revit, so its an overlay program that manipulates Revit’s Keyboard Shortcuts and windows. It is NOT an add-in to Revit and does not use Revit’s API.

The main focus to date for PowerKey4Revit has been to speed up the simple “drafting” type tasks such as chaining simple commands and adding and manipulating text so that you can stay focused in the main model window rather than moving the mouse up to the ribbon to do parts of basic commands, such as with the Region command, or adding an extra arrow to a text box.

The tool has 3 main areas of focus, as shown by the bubble diagram:

  • 1. The main commands operating inside Revit
  • 2. Empowering users to create bespoke scripts and commands to suit their workflow style
  • 3. Help and information on key use and how to quickly access information

1. Go to list of PowerKeys PowerKey4Revit

2. User empowerment tools are:

  • Ini file to allow users to add their own specific adjustments to PowerKey4Revit
  • PowerToys to re-map PowerKey4Revit keys to user speedkey preference
  • Mouse X, Y Coordinate toggle
  • Crosshairs on screen
  • F3/F4 toggle to suspend PowerKey4Revit

3. Help and information. Having easy access to information to assist users in using PowerKey4Revit as well as quick access to Frequuency.ini file which records your PowerKey4Revit usage to see which commands you are using more frequently. This helps to understand your productivity improvements (see ROI free spreadsheet)