Setup PowerKeys4Revit

3 Steps for Setup
This is the setup process to use alternative Keyboard Shortcuts that can do multiple practical commands to speed up your daily workflow. To see current keys see PowerKey4Revit List & Usage

1. Install new program which has a 30 Day Free Trial

Note, video below loads from Google Drive, this now loads from front page of site.

Install the  PowerKey4Revit-Setup.exe  file, it will automatically install into your  C:\Users\Current User\Documents\PowerKey4Revit  Folder.

You can download the 30 DAY FREE TRIAL VERSION

You can check its been installed by clicking on the Start Button , it should display in recently added.

If you click on it it will start the program, and you will see an icon for it in the Taskbar Tray

If you Left Click on Icon it closes the Program, if you Right Click on Icon then you have choices:

su_highlight background=”#f9d107″]Item 1[/su_highlight] brings up Help Popup for list of keys

2. Edit file for path to where you wish to store text files on your computer

 Item 2  Opens notepad for “C:\Users\CURRENT USER\Documents\PowerKey4Revit\RevitProductivityUserSettings.ini” file. This allows you to put in location of where you want your text note files to be located for easy access. This may be on a LAN (Local Area Network) drive so you can share with others, or on your own PC.

 Item 3 Highlighted in Bold, will close the program. You can also LEFT MOUSE Click on icon to close too.

Pinning shortcut onto Task Bar for Easy Access
When you first start the program it shows you how many days of your 30 day trial you have left. It also shows the icon temporarily in the Task Bar.
Before clicking the OK button in the Message pop-up, Right Click the Icon on the Task bar and select Pin to Taskbar- see images below

3. Backup (Export) your current Keyboard Shortcut File & Merge new Keyboard Shortcut File

To make sure you keep your original Keyboard Shortcuts its best to save your KeyboardShortcuts.xml file.

List of Keyboard Shortcuts used in PowerKey4Revit
List of keys to be merged with your current Keyboard Shortcut file
Keyboard Shortcuts
Standard shortcuts being used by PowerKey4Revit
dldetail line
tgtag by category
vvvisibility Graphics
ceceiling:automatic ceiling
Keyboard Shortcuts added for PowerKey4Revit
1segOne Segmentcontext tab>leader
2segtwo Segmentscontext tab>leader
3segcurvedcontext tab>leader
rectnrectanglesetting for linetype
finedFinish Edit mode
mirdrMirror-draw axis
revisrevision cloud
circlcirclesetting for linetype
saiivslect all instances in view
ce1sketch ceiling
lsladd left side straight leader
rsladd right side straight leader
lsaladd left side arc leader
rsaladd right side arc leader
rllremove last leader
ltrleader at top right
lbrleader at bottom right
a1ledadd leader- generic annotation
rxlearemove leader- generic annotation
eodoverride graphics in view:override by element

First, type “KS” and this will bring up the Keyboard Shortcut dialogue box in Revit, then use the export button in bottom right hand corner of the popup to Export your KeyboardShortcuts.xml file to a safe place (that you can find it again)

You will then, after you install the Setup.exe file find another file here  C:\Users\Current User\Documents\PowerKey4Revit\KeyboardShortcutsRevitProductivity.xml 

that you will import and MERGE with your existing setup.

In Revit Keyboard Shortcuts can be up to 5 DIGITS long, so my PowerKey4Revit\KeyboardShortcutsRevitProductivity.xml file tend to have longer names to minimise conflict with your existing Keyboard Shortcuts, there may be times where there are clashes. I would suggest you advise me & remove that particular Keyboard Shortcut from your workflow.

Keyboard Shortcuts file needs to be imported and updated- Select Merge as OPTION. You can then merge my added Keyboard Shortcut s to your existing , or the original KeyboardShortcut.xml

I would recommend you export this file as a separate backup too.

you can reset Keyboard Shortcuts back to original revit Keyboard Shortcut Default xml go to Reset Keyboard Shortcuts XML