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Speeding up production – how

A method of measuring if a tool is effective is by measuring the difference in speed of a combination command against the original one Keyboard Shortcut per command. This will indicate how much quicker it is to carry out, so you can calculate the time saved.

The time saved will be in seconds, and that sounds trivial. But if you think of those seconds adding up over a longer duration and then multiply it by your hourly rate, you will see that there are measurable savings to be made.

When developing a design for production in Revit you will be working through multiple phases, from Preliminary design through to construction Drawings and beyond. Tools & commands you’d use on one phase of the project may be different from those used in a different phase of a project.

So how do you know the frequency of use of commands?

Well, you could try and note down how often you used them or just have them logged to a file. If you set a start date and leave the logger running over a period of time you can see the frequency of use of commands.

As an exercise I logged to a file the frequency of use on production of specific commands, so that I could quantify